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Dall Sheep
Musk Ox


A pair of Dall Sheep horns and an unsusal "club" Stone sheep horn from British Columbia.



Dall Sheep horn


Most of the sheep horn I have is Dall sheep from Alaska and British Columbia. Horn is not easy to obtain. It also requires a lot of prep work in terms of cutting and sanding to turn it in to usable slabs for stocks. Almost all horn requires having some undesirable interior portions removed, and filled with epoxy which has been colored to match the horn as closely as possible. There can also be cracks inside. These are usually very small, and are likely the result of banging in to other horns.  As Roy Fishpaw says, "sheep do not grow horns so that they can be turned in to grips". They are used to beat up rivals on the mountain tops. This epoxy is sometimes noticeable on the bottom or side of the stock. Horn is a beautiful material, and the result is a stock that is usually translucent in appearance with a wonderful smooth feel. Horn grips are very tough and durable, while being unique and beautiful.


All of the horn I offer is professionally stabilized. Stabilizing will limit any movement as much as is possible, although no one can guarantee that zero movement might occur.

As of June 2018, Dall Sheep horn is about an additional $350 for a SAA, Bisley or Magna style grip.

Musk Ox slabs. Inside on left and outside on the right.


 Musk Ox horn


This horn polishes very nicely. It still has that great feel like Dall Sheep, but seems less translucent because there is so much texture, or streaks of fibrous content inside. There is a lot of character to all that I have seen. Like sheep horn, there are almost always areas inside that need to be removed and filled with epoxy.


If weight is a concern, horn is lighter than ivory. It will cost more than wood, but is a nice choice.


Like Sheep horn, all Musk Ox is sent out for stabilizing.

As of January 2017, Musk Ox is about an additional $250.

Big Horn

Bighorn sheep horn is a fantastic material that often has dark areas or streaks. Unfortunately it is also
the hardest and most expensive horn to obtain.  In the photo below there is a Bighorn on the left, and a Dall horn on the right. Both are about 30" around the curl. As you can see the Bighorn is much thicker and heavier. As of January 2017, Bighorn for a Bisley, Blackhawk etc is about $395 extra.


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