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Owned by retired Secret Service Agent Jim McKinney, this 1st gen Colt
has been beautifully engraved by Jim Lowe of Dumfries VA. Mr Lowe
also made the Secret Service star medallions and inlayed them in
bighorn one piece grips. The detail to the medallions is incredible.

A wonderful S&W 4 screw pre 29. While the maker of the beautiful
old ivory magnas is a mystery, the metal workers are not. Beautifully
detailed and blued by Hamilton Bowen and engraved by Dan Love -
two craftsmen who have teamed up to create many fine revolvers.
Photo shared by Bob in TN.

This Ruger Vaquero is featured on Hamilton Bowen's site in the
workshop, noted as Retro Vaquero. Owned by Fred in MD, he had
Roy Fishpaw swap out the black hard rubber shoes for musk ox.

This Texas hog found itself within range of Asley and his USFA 45 Colt

Justin from Oklahoma with antelope. His father Mike (below) also scored on
the same hunt.

Justin and Mike on a successful deer hunt

Author / writer Max Prasac with a fine 175 lb mountain lion he took
in Utah with his Ruger Bisley in 454 Casull.

Andy from PA with his Kudu taken with a Ruger No 1 Tropical that
Hamilton Bowen had a hand in making. Originally chambered in 416 Rem,
Hamilton re-chambered it to a 500-416 Nitro Express and worked over
the sights and some other areas. Andy also used it to nail the pig in the
photo below.

Lorne from Canada shares this photo of his Colt Bisley. There is another
below that was taken by Turnbull when they had finished their work.

An older Single Six belonging to Ashley in Texas. Hamilton and crew did
a fabulous job of bringing this Ruger to better than new condition. The
grips are one piece ivory on a Grand Masters 2 piece frame. A close up

Justin from Oklahoma shares this photo of his and his father's Redhawks
that got the Kodiak treatment at Bowen Classic Arms - both in 44 mag.
They both selected different blocks of french that ended up being so
close in appearance they could be a matched pair.

Perry in Alaska after a successful Dall sheep hunt. He sent me these
horns, which will end up on one of his Rugers later this year.

Jerry from California sent the photos above and below. Top is a Bisley
I stocked in French walnut, and below is one done by Roy Fishpaw in
Musk Ox.

Lorne from Canada sent this photo of his Colt Bisley beautifully restored by Doug Turnbull.
This photo was taken by the Doug Turnbull Co prior to shipping.

Parts of Yellowstone - courtesy of Gary in MT

Above and below: Justin from OK with his 2014 (below) & 2015 Elk

Ashley dropped this deer with his USFA 45 Colt. Ammo was his 265 gr
Hammer Head.

Ashley Emerson, USFA in hand and one unlucky hog.

Buck with long bow and arrows. Dropped by Ashley on a recent hunt.

I wanted a Bisley with a barrel longer than 6" and a friend happened to
have this 7.5 44 mag available. A piece of Turkish walnut makes it a bit more
easy on the eyes. Speaking of eyes, this Bisley will actually be outfitted soon
with a Leopold Delta Pro red dot sight. While most of my revolvers are just fine
with good iron sights, I must admit that an occasional red dot is desireable.

Gary from Montana snapped these photos of some fine Bighorns

A fine Bushbuck on my latest trip to South Africa with my daughter.
I look comfortable smiling for the pic next to the water, when I really
wanted to get the buck up the hill and away. We had recently seen a
14ft croc along the bank down stream while eating lunch.

George shares this photo of his Freedom Arms 97. It's "fully loaded" in
factory options, and has the finest metal finish I have personally ever
seen on a FA - and FA always does a fine job. The stocks are made
from exhibition Turkish walnut.

A Bowen Classic Arms Nimrod 5 shot 45 Colt with Bighorn
grips. Larry Smith of Richardson Texas braided the lanyard.
Terry in Kansas owns this beauty.

My wife took this pic of me and Roy in his shop while visiting in August

Ashley sent this pic of a Rattler that was resting in the
wrong place. Dispatched with a wonderful Ruger Bearcat that both
Hamilton Bowen and David Clements had a hand in making. Roy Fishpaw
made the fine ivory stocks and it rides in Thad Rybka leather.

This Smith 629 Performance Center is a wonderful revolver. About as
good as it gets for me while camping, hiking etc. The 3" barrel handles
and carries well. Loaded with either Garrett 310 Hammerheads at 1020 fps,
or if desired 1325 fps it is ready for about anything. The grips, while not
the fanciest French walnut handle the recoil very well with no bite on
the middle finger.

The Dakota 10 pictured here is hands down my favorite rifle. It is chambered
for the wonderful 7X57 cartridge. This rifle just begs to be shot and enjoyed.
As you can see from the target it is a shooter as well. I will toss a thanks
out to Lance Hendershot, owner of Hendershot's Sporting Goods in
Hagerstown Maryland for coming up with the load. I bought the rifle several
years back from Lance and took advantage of a service he offers of tailoring
a custom load for the rifle with it's intended purpose in mind. This load is
sending the Nosler 140gr Accubonds downrange in tremendous fashion.

Thanks to this success I asked Lance if he could create a good load for my 
Ultra Light Arms 30/06 that will be used soon on a hunt. The pic below shows
the end result. This load is launching 180gr Swift A-Frames in about as fine a way
as anyone could want. I used to have the time to reload and create
good loads for my rifles. I just don't have the time for that now. It is great
to be able to get help from someone who's been there done that and knows
what they are doing to wring the utmost potential from these fine rifles.
The grids on my target below are 1/2" square.

A custom Sam Cox knife. Always was a favorite that just feels "right"
in the hand. The bolster was engraved by Jere Davidson.

Andy sent this pic of his Ruger - metalwork done by David Clements.

3 industry leaders - left to right Ashley Emerson, John Linebaugh and
Hamilton Bowen.

Ibrahim Sahin of Yurttas Gunstock Blanks with Turkish walnut trees. Ibrahim
has sent me some fine walnut blanks.

The picture above and below are stunning examples of custom guns
stocked in wood from Ibrahim.

My latest project - a S&W 29 beautifully blued with fine action work by
the team at Bowen Classic Arms. Jere Davidson applied the nice American
scroll engraving, with gold bands and front sight.

Terry scored on this fine Brown bear in Kodiak Alaska.

Dall sheep - Alaska   This hunter sold me the horns from his sheep.

My Kudu

And Blesbuck

Cameron enjoying his Super Blackhawk.

Fine Freedom Arms revolvers and a Randall Made knife. Pic sent by Bill
in Florida. The revolver grips are a Freedom Arms factory Micarta.

Another FA and a Dennis Friedly knife from Bill.

Bill himself at age 4 showing off his first revolver. He says some people
never change! Don't know if he still has the cap gun, but he certainly
has a lot of fine Freedom Arms revolvers.

This Freedom Arms is pictured in the main gallery. Here it shows off it's
damascus barrel and front sight. This revolver is a creation of the folks
at Hill Country Rifles.

At first glance this looks like a bull barrel Ruger Mark II. It is actually a
surpressed pistol that is very quiet. George says it is more quiet then a
mouse fart, and the squirrels in his neck of the Georgia woods are in big

Steve from Virginia sent this pic of his Colt King Cobra.

Steve from Wyoming sent this pic of his two Rugers resting on an
Impala hide.

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