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Like Minded Links
Barranti Leather Co
Chatting with a customer a couple years ago the subject of leather came up. He mentioned how delighted he was with Mike Barranti, and if I needed a holster I should check him out. I did need one for a Redhawk so I contacted Mike. I told him what I wanted in the holster, how I wanted it to ride on the belt and he recommended his Longhorn Companion. Floral carving was requested.
As you can see the holster is beautiful, and it does exactly what I wanted it to do. Mike has a fine website you can view at   He is also crafting a matching rifle sling and another holster for me.

Bowen Classic Arms Corporation

Most revolver enthusiasts know of Bowen Classic Arms Corporation,
however once in a while I chat with someone that hasn't heard of them.
Hamilton Bowen and crew create some of the finest custom revolvers
period. If you are considering a custom built revolver, or just want to
see some of the finest revolvers made, you should check out BCAs
site at

A Ruger Bisley beautifully customized by Bowen Classic Arms Corp.

Jere Davidson

Jere Davidson is an engraver who is well versed in handguns, rifles, knives
and more, having worked for Colt and Dakota Arms. Jere engraved the
S&W29 pictured here in American scroll and added the gold bands and
serrated front sight. No web site, but you can reach Jere at

Garrett Cartridges of Texas

Started by Randy Garrett and now owned by Ashley Emerson, Garrett
Cartridges of Texas makes some of the finest hardcast ammo you can
buy. If you are investing time and money in a hunt you might just
consider investing in top quality ammo. In a recent hunt in Texas I attended
for various bovines where numerous animals were taken with hardcast,
jacketed and punch bulletts, no hardcast outperformed the Garrett. With
loads for 44 Mag, 45 Colt, 454 and 45-70 they may have what you need.
Check out their site at

Graveyard Jack's Custom Sixgun Leather

Craig Copeland of Graveyard Jack's made this fine holster for my
Bowen Classic Arms Ruger Bisley. He is currently working on another
of elephant hide for a Single Six. Check out Craig's site at:


           Lance Hendershot, of Hendershot's Sporting Goods.
Started in 1961, Hendershot's specializes in fine Rifles and great service,
with some fine shotguns and handguns mixed in. Lance is a friend who
has helped with many of my most treasured purchases. They have a great
website worth a look.

Montana Bullet Works

I don't do a lot of reloading, but one round I really enjoy loading is the
500 Linebaugh. I don't cast so I contacted Montana Bullet Works and
have since started using their 400 and 450 grain hard casts. Both
perform great in my Bowen Classic Arms Ruger Bisley. You can view
their site at
Bruce and Victoria will be glad to help you.

Northern Virginia Gun Works

Owned by Sandy Garrett and his son Robert, NVGW is a full service
gunsmith shop. Sandy spent 20+ years with the county police department,
12 as their armorer. He knows revolvers. In addition both are factory
trained by Beretta, Colt, Glock, Ruger, SIG and Smith & Wesson.
Sandy has done trigger / action jobs on 4 of my 'Smiths plus other work.
Very nice action work. Located in Springfield Virginia, you can reach
Sandy at 703-644-6504.

Joel Schafer - stockmaker

I first ran across Joel Schafer's book while visiting a friend. I picked it up
and it was really hard to put down (and leave behind). If you have interest
in learning to checker, or want to take your work up a notch (like me)
you should check out this book. Great instruction course as the title
implies from start to finish. You can take a look at Joel's site at:

Yurttas Gunstock Blanks
Beautiful Turkish walnut is what Ibrahim Sahin of Yurttas Gunstock Blanks
specializes in. He has sent me some wonderful blanks, a few pictures below.
If you are interested in fine walnut for a rifle or shotgun project you might
peruse his site at  You can also check with
him to see when he will be back in the US for shows (Yurttas is in Turkey).

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