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Single Action Army
Unique Projects

Gallery of Grips
Below are finished grips of all sorts. For specific styles click on the
tabs to the left.

Ironwood on a Ruger Bisley

French on a Blackhawk (in the white)

French walnut on a Blackhawk

French on a Single Six

Black walnut


Bighorn on a Freedom Arms 83

Tulip wood on a Freedom Arms 97

Mint S&W 19 with very special grips. Patterened after a design by
Mr Ross Seyfried, more on this project located in the "Wrap" tab to the

Ruger Bisley with desert bighorn

Bowen Classic Arms Bisley with a S&W barrel in 41mag. Bighorn

Ruger Bisley with Dall sheep

500 Linebaugh with black Micarta grips

An Alan Harton bisley with dall sheep. Nice red accents.

A Colt Bisley with very nice black walnut, chekcered 24 LPI with diamond

Bowen Classic Arms bisley wearing birdseye maple

A Bowen Classic Arms ovate bisely with a fine piece of exhibition
french walnut

A Bowen Classic Arms Nimrod with french walnut. Close up below

A fine Colt with Bighorn grips in a one piece fashion. More about the
engraving and medallion by Jim Lowe in the Sporting Gallery

A Bowen Classic Arms Super Redhawk with stabilized french walnut.
This is the first SR I have done. To see a few more photos click on the
Unique Project tab to the upper left.

FA97 with exhibition french walnut.

Redhawk 41 mag with Stone sheep.

Mint S&W 17 with Dall sheep magna stocks. A close up below.

STI special edition Texican wearing Ironwood burl.

A unique Redhawk project: African blackwood with redheart wood liner,
diamond inlay of dall sheep horn, blind screw left panel and 24LPI
checkering. Close up below.

A Colt New Service with American black walnut. Fancy Colt checkering

Dark french walnut on a Bowen Blackhawk

Freedom Arms 97 with bighorn

Ruger Bisley with Dall

Bighorn on an octagon Ruger Bisley

Great piece of exhibition Turkish walnut on a Redhawk

Turkish walnut on a S&W

Ruger Blackhawk with dall horn.

Ruger Blackhawk with bighorn. While this horn is primarily white, it
has a wonderful beauty just the same.

A Bowen stainless octagon with bighorn. Other side below.

A Ted Yost Colt with bighorn

1911 panels of bighorn

A S&W Heavy Duty 45 Colt with French walnut grips in the "coke"
shape. These include medallions, 24 LPI checkering and an inlay
of Cape Buffalo horn for the diamond. Another view below.

Bighorn with beautiful colors on a USFA. A close up below

Beautiful full figured black walnut

A wonderful piece of black walnut

Exhibition black walnut on a USFA sheriff's 45

Bighorn on a Ruger Bisley

Ivory on a Flat Top. This one done with a blind screw

A Ruger Flat Top with exhibition french walnut. This walnut was stained
and finished with a red / brown tone

Ivory on a Redhawk  

Exhibition French on a Gallagher Redhawk

Exhibition Turkish walnut on a FA83

The photo above and below are of an ivory stock for a S&W Heavy Duty

Stabilized exhibition turkish walnut on a John Linebaugh Bisley

French walnut on a Ruger Bisley

Stabilized french walnut on a Ruger Bisley

S&W 29 with french walnut

Colt with a one piece of Bighorn

Freedom Arms mini with Musk Ox

FA97 RB with exhibition turkish walnut

Bisley stock of birds eye Turkish walnut. 2 new things for me on this
grip - the blind left escutcheon and the red liner. A bit more information
on this project is found in the Bisley tab to the left.

The above 2 photos are Single Sixes beautifully worked by the team at
Bowen Classic Arms. Sequential serial numbered, they will be a his /hers
anniversary gift to each other. Left wears french while the right sports
Bastogne walnut.

Exhibition Turkish

Beautiful ivory on a Blackhawk

A 1911 with thumb rest that wraps at the bottom. Exhibition French.
There are a couple more pics of this project in the Pistol tab to the left.

Nice piece of stabilized Turkish walnut on a Super Blackhawk

A Dan Wesson wearing french walnut - there is more on this unusual
grip project in the wrap sub page to the left

Freedom Arms 83 and exhibition french

A Single Six with one piece ivory on a Grand Masters grip frame

Another view of the above Single Six

A Flat Top with exhibition french walnut

Two Redhawks stocked in french walnut

A Bowen Kodiak Redhawk with Bighorn

A Jack Huntington 475 Bisley with Bighorn

A wonderful piece of Turkish walnut.

A Ruger Blackhawk with a Grand Masters custom grip frame by Bowen
Classic Arms that makes this one piece ivory stock possible. This two
piece grip frame is one of the finest custom touches that can be made
to a Blackhawk - in my opinion.

Taurus Ultra Lite with French walnut

A fine Dustin Linebaugh Bisley with bighorn stocks. Another picture
of this revolver is in the horn section.

Factory engraved Colt with a nice piece of ivory.

Ruger Vaquero, with exhibition French walnut.

Exhibition French

A fine Ruger Blackhawk with ivory.

Bighorn on a 2nd gen Colt SAA - one piece grip

A pair of S&W 24s with exhibition Turkish walnut cut from the same
blank to match.

Ruger Bisley with nice French walnut.

This Ruger Flat Top wears exhibition Turkish walnut

Exhibition French on a USFA in one piece fashion.

Dall sheep horn on a Ruger Redhawk. This Redhawk was worked by
the team at Bowen Classic Arms. Note the Anaconda barrel.

Bighorn on a Bowen Ruger Bisley

Bighorn on a Jack Huntington Ruger Bisley

Bighorn on a Redhawk. Custom Redhawk grips are a favorite of mine
to make.

Exhibition Bastogne on a Blackhawk.

A fabulous Freedom Arms 97 with exhibition Turkish walnut. This FA
has the finest factory finish to the metal that I have seen. It has all the
bells and whistles. Chambered in 22LR and 22WMR - I'll take one, and
the line forms to the right.

Musk Ox fitted to a Redhawk

Dall sheep horn on a Ruger Blackhawk.

A Les Baer 1911 with stocks of Dall sheep horn.

The 2 photos above are of the same Ruger Blackhawk Bisley. The top
photo is Bighorn sheep horn. The one below it is black Micarta. The
owner tends to hunt in rough places where the weather can be very
unpredictable. While horn is a very durable and tough material, the
thought was that it would make sense to have a stainless revolver
that can wear Micarta stocks when desired to take the brunt of the wear.

Another view of the Bighorn grips on the above Ruger Bisley.

This is a Phillips & Rodgers "Medusa" with Dall sheep horn in a wrap
around style with finger grooves and a palm swell.

Right side of the Medusa

A Colt Bisley wearing exhibition Circassian walnut - stabilized. This Bisley
is being restored by the team at Turnbull Restoration & Manufacturing Co.

Right side of the Colt Bisley.

A USFA with exhibition Bastogne walnut one piece stock

Beautiful French walnut on a Ruger Blackhawk.

Redhawk wearing Dall Sheep. No gloss to this set of grips. This Redhawk,
which is no safe queen has been used by it's well known owner to down
numerous game animals. The request was for no gloss, since it is a
serious working gun in 500 magnum. 

Close up of the Redhawk above before the gloss was cut.

A 629 Performance Center with French walnut.

A Smith & Wesson 29

A Dan Wesson 1911 outfitted in stabilized Snakewood.

A Ruger Speed Six with Dall sheep.

Exhibition French on a Colt.

Colt with one piece exhibition french walnut

A great piece of Dall Sheep on a Ruger Bisley. The various colors in this
horn are great. 

A Single Six with French walnut. A bit more on this project is in the Single
Action Army section.

Ruger Blackhawk in the white with a great piece of exhibition French.
The revolver has a Power Custom two piece frame allowing the one piece stock.

Ruger Redhawk with wonderful tan ivory.

A factory engraved USFA with a beautiful stock of Turkish walnut.

S&W 66 with factory A engraving. The stock is AAA French with 22 LPI
checkering in a fleur pattern. With an egraved gun, it is important to
not cover any of the engraving with the stock. The line of this grip
follows exactly the line set by the engraver.

A Bowen Classic Arms Ruger with a custom stock of exhibition Claro.
The desire here was for a stock that would make pulling the trigger on
a .458 Belted Maximum less disturbing.

A Colt Python with beautiful Stone Sheep horn.

Exhibition Black walnut on a Ruger Bisley.

A Gary Reeder Pro Hunter in 500 S&W. The customer wanted to be able
to get a better grip with two hands. This is a nice example of what a
custom handgun grip can be - just what the customer wants. AAA French

A USFA with an exhibition Black walnut one piece stock.

Musk Ox on a Ruger Blackhawk.

A S&W Heavy Duty in 45 Colt with AAA French checkered 22LPI in a
diamond pattern with medallion.

This Ruger Vaquero visited Bowen Classic Arms for some fine upgrades
including scalloped shields, improved sights, black powder chamfering,
action work, fine brushed finish and nitre blued screws and pins. The
stock is Dall Sheep horn.

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