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Jere Davidson - Engraver

Jere Davidson is an engraver who is well versed in handguns, rifles, knives and more, having worked for Colt and Dakota Arms. Jere engraved the S&W 29 pictured here in American scroll and added the gold bands and the serrated front sight. No web site, but you can reach Jere at

Northern Virginia Gun Works

Owned by Sandy Garrett and his son Robert, NVGW is a full service gunsmith shop. Sandy spent 20+ years with the county police department, 12 as their armorer. He knows revolvers. In addition both are factory trained by Beretta, Colt, Glock, Ruger, SIG, and Smith & Wesson. Sandy has done trigger/action jobs on 4 of my 'Smiths plus other work. Very nice action work. Located in Springfield Virginia.

You can reach Sandy at 703-644-6504.