Dall Sheep, Bighorn, Stone Sheep, Musk Ox

Horn makes a fantastic grip material. It is wonderfully strong for its weight, very durable, and feels great in the hand. It polishes nicely and is easy to maintain with a quality paste wax. All the horn I offer is professionally stabilized. Just as with any natural material, one cannot state it will never move or shrink, but the stabilizing process helps to minimize the chances. As of Spring 2020, the cost of most horn is approximately $400 additional.

Dall Sheep

Dall sheep horn is usually light in color, often a mix of white and tan tones. Red and pink hi-lights are common though not always present.


Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn seems to vary more in coloring than the other horn types, from dark areas and streaks to very light tones. A nice mix of light and dark are common, along with reds at times.


Stone Sheep Horn

Stone sheep is often similar to Dall in coloring. Sometimes it has dark stripes or streaks running through it.


Musk Ox Horn

This horn has the same great feel of the sheep horns, but usually has lots of fibrous content that gives it much character. It often has a tan tone with white areas running through it.